rendering time included with the model ...???

Hello all,

I am new to this forum…here is a suggestion I have with posts at the forum gallery/finished projects etc…

I never thought rendering would take hrs sometimes…:eek:

i was thinking of around 30 min max !!! (my engieering software-computation-takes only 15 min :D)… that was a surprise…pardon me for that…
it make sense…since my portrait-drawings (pencil-graphite) take 40 hrs or so to get as much detail as i wait :)…anyway…will post some some day…

it would be interesting to know how much time it took to render a model that you are presenting- as-it-is…and a short system spec.

so please include
model creation time:
rendering in someray : min/hrs
ram used :


mods: if this has already beem discussed, please feel free to delete…

thats would indeed be usefull but not everyone should be forced to. some people can’t figure all that out when they just started. feel free to do so I’d say. and maybe announce it, but don’t make it mandatory please.


atleast rendering tool used, time and ram would be easy to include…just in a line is enough…it helps new comers like me to know what to expect and what kind of stuff we are looking at…(it helps also to appreciate the effort too…)