Rendering to mpeg1

With Blender 2.37 ‘Out of the Box’ on Windows XP, how can I render a video to the mpeg1 format?

you can’t [assuming mostly ‘out of the box’ install of windows]

[you wouldn’t want to anway, it would look like crap]

I am needing to do this because I am trying to render out to a format that easyworship can work with. I created an animated background and I am trying desparately not to use Adobe Premier as a post rendering encoder. Is there a codec that I can download to enable me to render directly into the mpeg1 format?



according to their website:

“EasyWorship will play any media format that Windows Media Player supports, including MPEG 1, MPEG 2, WMF and AVI. (The next version of EasyWorship will add .mov, Flash and .vob formats.)”

try rendering an avi with a codec that the software recognizes or do a raw avi and make it a wmv with the free windows media encoder.

good luck!

I wouldn’t mind be able to create MPEG1 on a Mac but casn’t find an easy way. The 10 Second Club only accepts MP1 for animation entries :frowning:

Phrangkk wrote:
Finally, a GURU!

Yeah, me too :-?

If you’re not afraid of the command line, ffmpeg can convert to and from just about any format you will need.

I think it’s pretty cross-platform, but you may have to compile it yourself. YMMW, I have only used it under Linux.

Thanks for that. I’ve been on Mac for so long now that the command line is a bit foreign (but with OSX it’s becoming a bit more familiar).

I’ll see what I can find - hopefully I won’t have to compile it :frowning: