Rendering two or more frames into single JPEG

I have a blender animation with 40 frames. Is it possible to render all 40 frames into single image and have that image saved into external file (JPEG, PNG, or any other format). Simply put, I’d like to create an image file containing a filmstrip of the animation.


not sure what you mean
are you talking about a .gif?

Hi idh1109,
no, I am not talking about animated gifs. I would simply like to render two or more frames of blender animation and have them merged vertically or horizontally into a singe output image file. For instance, render two frames in res 800x600, have them aligned horizontally, and merge them into a single output image with res 1600x600.


Do it in an image editor after rendering then your render settings do not need to be changed if you want to render more or less frames. Gimp has a filter to do just this.

Use the compositor stack them with a translate node to offset one from the other in a large scene. But gimp do it easier.

EDIT: Doh, you beat me to it by 90secs!

Compositor stack will do the trick for me. The thing is, I have large number of animations, each having dozen of frames. So doing it with image editor would mean too much manual work.

Thanks for help!

This brings to mind… those tile-based animation-sheets for game sprites. I think there’s some Blender Addon that helps generating those. Sounds like it could possibly be used in this case as well. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I’d use imagemagick:

montage -geometry 100% -adjoin frames0* output.png