Rendering using the Game Engine, is it possible?

Hey, I’ve rendered Ultimate Stuntman 02 using the Open GL Animation Preview of the 3D viewport in GLSL texture mode.

Ok, that doesn’t look too bad, but it’s not possible to have 2D filters and all the other effects of the BGE.

My main question is:
There ain’t a way, or is it possible to have the same kind of rendering using the full potential of the BGE?

…And by the way, the Open GL animation preview aren’t just screen captures are they? I say this because the quality, particularly the smoothness and aliasing got way better on the final render then I saw on the 3d viewport. So what kind of magic is this? I’m rather curious :slight_smile:

May you want to try the TAKE SNAPSHOT function, but i don’t it’s working

Snapshot, screen capture solutions kinda doesn’t cut it… :slight_smile: it can be done that way but it’s troublesome in many ways.
The pressing one button method of the Open GL animation preview it’s awesome, all it would need was being able to do it with all BGE efects… so…

Why can’t the 3D viewport work as an exact replica of the BGE? If someone knows the reasons could you explain them to me? Can it be done by an experienced coder or it’s something to forget.

u can record it with a screen capture program like hypercam or record the animation (there is a button for it if u haven’t seen it before)
I can’t think of anything else other than those 2 options XD

You can use python in the game engine to save each frame as an image, here it is in the API
Be aware that it will run really slowly though.

You can get the image from a camera using videotexture and you could append each source to a buffer, but i don’t think that it would include post processing

Thanks everyone but none of that solutions are what I need :frowning:
On the 3d viewport preview rendering, for the stuntman it only goes to the next frame after the previous one is completed and because of that the final video looks always like it was from a “real render”. We can time it like in standard animation.

Screencaptures, no mather what method we use depend of the speed of your machine, so that doesn’t work for rendering animations. If the PC can’t compute everything we have a very lousy slow motion :eyebrowlift:

I need a renderer that renders each frame in no longer then 10 seconds, the 3d viewport preview does that and works good, but if it’s possible to have more, that maybe could be worked out.

If you set the frame rate low, you could theoretically take a screenshot, dump it to a file with full post processing, and then simply add all the frames together.
In other words, halving the speed of the game, and halving the frame rate would produce realtime 60 fps frames to a file.

Humm… that should work :slight_smile: It’s a bit troublesome but it’s a solution indeed.