Rendering uv textures

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OK… how do you get a texture to render the way it looks in potato mode? And can you get it to be stretched around like in potato mode, but still be a bump map and stuff like that? I feel so inept… I’ve always ignored uv mapping until I played with the game engine for a few days; now I want to take it back to the render engine with me :slight_smile:

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To make the textures appear you have to make a material for the object and press the button TexFace just under the RGB Color bars.

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OK… then how do you do the “nor,” “emit,” “alpha,” etc. things that you do with image textures? Can you? And what does that little “uv” coordinate button next to orco and the rest do, anyway? would look in her manual if she hadn’t lent it to a friend

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Riverwanderer, I hope this helps explain some things. The “UV” button by “Orco” is rarely used which is unfortunate as I think it is one of the often overlooked features in blender. I don’t have time now, but I may be able to write a tutorial on this. In the mean time, I have a spiel below for everyone.

Basically, select the “UV” mapping button for your image, then use face mode and UV map your object like you normally would. Setup lighting and render :slight_smile: There’s probably a few quirks I’m not mentioning, but I’ve included a link to a blend file at the bottom, which hopefully explains this.

<div class=“spiel”>
UV Mapping for the renderer is one of the least well known topics that I’ve encountered. It is a very widely held misconception that you must use the “TexFace” button in Material Buttons in order to use UV mapping with the renderer. (No offense nemesis, I thought this for a number of years too. :))

This is only one (limited) way of using UV mapping with the renderer. Personally I prefer using the UV button for selecting a mapping method.

This allows you to still control all the usual texture properties as well: Col, Nor, Spec, Stencil, Mix, Mul, etc. Also, this means that you can have up to 8 overlapping UV mapped textures on an object! This is wonderful for logo placement, etc.

Here is a quick ugly sample image with an “Orco” mapped bumpmap and a “UV” mapped bumpmap.

You can find a screenshot of the setup here [259k] and the packed blend file here [741k].

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks a bunch! I can’t get to your site at the moment, but I’ll certainly check it out as soon as it comes back–thanks a bunch! This should make texturing a whole new game…

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