Rendering Viewport (LookDev) produces ridges, waves on background

Hi, I’m rendering an animation of a candle thru EEVEE, rendering viewport, I like the look but the background gets all with waves, lines, how can I get smooth transition ? I want to render it thru LookDev(viewport rendering ), not the real render, because i like the look of the LooKDev, the only thing that troubles me are these ridged transitions of the background color.

Hi @Alex_3d,

the banding effects you’re seeing in the background are probably compression artifacts. These will not usually show up in a still render, but when you output a movie, like mp4, the entire video stream gets the compression applied so if the compression settings are too high it is forced to create distinct bands of colour to simulate a gradient. The video encoding you choose ( like mp4 or divx etc ) can make a big difference in the output quality and obviously the smaller the compression ( and thus the better the quality) the bigger the final output file size.

You will need to try various settings and see what works for your needs. These settings apply to any output renderings including the LookDev viewport.


Hey Damian, Thanks for your answer, but I’m not rendering out to a video, I’m rendering pics(after that i’m making a video from the image strip) , even before I save them in any format they have ridges and waves, it is not the saving, it is how it renders.

Hey Alex,

I’m not sure why you’re getting this effect, I built a simple scene with a cube and rendered the viewport, then saved it, once as a jpg - compression artifacts everywhere:

then saved as a png ( also, this is what it looks like on my monitor in Blender):

I can’t tell from your image what you’re using as a background plane, to catch the light, but it might be worth starting with a new blender file and appending your meshes into it and seeing what that looks like until you can isolate what may be the issue.

Here’s the Blend file I used for this cube:

Artifacts.blend (668.4 KB)

In case you want to compare settings.

Don’t use pure grey, as that produce the most visible bands. Also you could add a little noise or increase dithering to help out.

I found the solution, use Dither from 0.5 to 2, i didn’t know it was called “color banding” , I googled it and voila.