Rendering White Object Material

(ebi) #1


I’ve been trying to render a white plastic object and I found it extremely difficult to create the desired effect.
I would like the object to stay white (or a tad greyish) and add light streaks like a studio but…
tried it with HDRI \ Lights \ Modelling a studio \ Filmic no Filmic \ everything looks [email protected]!
the highlights seem too low, and I can’t enhance them properly without using the compositor…

Any Ideas?

(ebi) #2

i know some of the problem is that is a simple cylinder, though i’ve got other items and i want to nail this one first…
here are two of the better renders. shuks!

(SterlingRoth) #3

I find that and HDRI + skinny area lamps is the best way to control the highlights.

White is hard, but you look like you are on the right track.

(ajm) #4

This might not stand out the way you think it should since the reflections are white as well, they may be perceptually drowned out a bit. Make sure you don’t go past 0.8 for all three color channels for the white object. Add the lights the way you want as a test, lower the background color, maybe even to black, since it is contributing to the light and see what happens. Change the color of the surface to see if you get an expected result with that color, if so, then I would say your white is getting there.

(ebi) #5

Great tips, I will test it further.
Twiking the material and environment made me crazy but learned a lot!

(ebi) #6

Well… eventually i had to use all methods together to create what seems to satisfy me.

  1. Material - with fresnel that gives a darker shade on edges. to amplify the contour.
  2. compositing - sometimes with sometimes without color balance node.
  3. world HDRI - HSV node reduce saturation and increase value.
  4. Emitter objects - Used few planes to create light streaks.
  5. dark object on top and bottom (distance differs) to block some lights and give so more dark shadow on the mesh.

hope it helps someone.