Rendering window goes black

When I use Blender Internal, my render window will go to black after it has finished all of the calcualtions, and I have to move or sometimes resize the window to get it to show me the image, is this normal? I did do some searches but couldn’t find anyone with the same problem - probably wasn’t using the right keyword :confused:

Any ideas?

Did you minimize or maximize it a lot? Maybe your screen just doesn’t refresh, but it should hurt anything…maybe a clean reinstall might fix it.

im having the same problem at the moment too :S

If you using that CRAZY Window Vista this is a normal issue because Vista has bad support of OpenGL . i don’t have any idea on other OSs.

Well, I’m using WinXP, so maybe I just have something funky with my OpenGL drivers - thanks, I’ll take a look at that.

This issue usually is OpenGL problem. some onboard GPUs Don’ support OpenGL well(like S3). . if You are using a standar Nvidia or ATI GPU , update the driver to the latest version.

I’m having the same problem with my laptop, so, I played with some of my video card settings, changed the refresh rate and 3D anti-aliasing, and then switch them back, and that fixed the problem on my laptop - very odd - but I don’t really care what fixes it, just so long as it gets fixed… :slight_smile:

I use vista and I don’t have any problem with OpenGL apps. I don’t think it can be vista that is causing OpenGL to fail…

Well, this doesn’t make sense to me (probably because I don’t know how the screen rendering and everything works) but, it has something to do with the anti-aliasing. I changed my anti-aliasing from override to allow 3d app to decide and presto chango, everything works the way it should.