Rendering Window

(Atmospheric) #1

I was working on a smoke tutorial and it looked good on blender before I rendered the animation, and I watched the whole thing animate also but when I go to watch it, all it does is show previously rendered animations… does anyone know why? I cant figure this thing out!


(acasto) #2

Are you replaying it in blender? If so Blender uses a certain file name (I think based on # of frames and location) to recall it. Check what your frames number is set at before you replay. Also, if it is rendering correctly, then it is a saving problem, try and rename all of your previous animation before rendering, if it is not saving it could either be in your save setting or a write permission error over the old animation (probably not though).

(Millhouse) #3

You need to first give your video a name in the extensions box on the reder screen. Then go into my compter and find a folder in the C drive or your master hard drive and open a folder called render. This is where Blender sticks all the information on renders which it has done note all of them so there will be quite alot look in there for a video file it may have the name you gave it if not it will have one like 0001_0075 for instance which you can open in a media player and watch it at your leisure.