rendering windows vs ubuntu

Hello guys

I recently started using ubuntu 04.12 lts, and I want to show a comparison I made regarding the speed it takes to render in blender, cycles and using the nvidia gpu.

This was another factor that led me to leave the windows 8.

Oh wow, that’s a noticeable difference! Is the difference the same for all scenes, or does the difference become greater the more complex the scene is? (or does windows catch up at some point?)

did you close all the unnecessary background processes on windows? i recently found out that ending most of the unnecessary processes will make rendering a bit faster.

These tile sizes are too small for GPU rendering, it’s likely that in this case the driver overhead (which might be a bit lower on linux) makes a significant impact.

Also, time measuring on Windows 8 has reportedly been broken, although I’m not sure whether it makes a difference here.

Did you use the same (or nearly the same) driver version on both systems?

Cheers, mib.

that is certainly a true comparison IF you did use a msvc compiled one, but have you tried mingw builds, you’ll be shocked that they may be less sometimes, than the linux ones.

21 whole seconds? This is kind of like when people ran to Chrome because it was .005 seconds faster than Firefox, not a big deal to me at least, I can wait. Maybe if it was twice as fast, then you might have something :slight_smile: Also, what pranavjitvirdi said, Windows has lots of unnecessary processes running, quickly resolved by “black vipering” your windows.

So many comments here from people who love OpenSource, only when is convenient for them…

Please, if you’re a Windows user supports the OpenSource and make a dual boot with Linux. Windows users have a lot of knowledge. We need the experience of Windows users for further improvement. More users = much better.
Thank you!

Ugh… Windows 8… what a collossal screw up. My Windows 7 render times are nearly identical to my Mint Linux times with identical settings, even with MSVC more recently.

Thanks for the feedback

I only made tests with simple scenes:
a light, object, modifier, etc…
The Ubuntu always maintained an advantage similar as in the video.

The windows 8 was running normally and was not connected to the internet.
I had closed some unnecessary background processes but the antivirus and firewall was on.

The driver that i have on linux is diferent from windows
I dont download drivers from the official site, because i had some problems in ubuntu.
I only use nvidia drives from ubuntu updates.

My Windows 8 render times are also nearly identical to my Opensuse Linux times with two different cards.
Other user also report same times with WIN 7/8 and Linux and GPU render.
This make sense because if you load data to the GPU only Nvidia is responsible for render time. :slight_smile:
Here is a sheet to compare time:

Cheers, mib.

wasnt there recently a change in how blender was compiled for Win which provided drastic speed improvements? not sure if now I would consider ubunutu just for rendering anyway. in addition now i only use gpu rendering anyway.

mingw? I think so, I switched recently to win8 from ubuntu. and nowdays in win8 the render times are same as in ubuntu for the bmw3 benchmark scene from mike pan.

I don´t dual boot so I dunno if it´s general gpu render code improvments or if it´s just better compile for windows 8 nowdays.