Rendering with 2GB Memory

Hello Guys

I am Sushimoron and It’s my first time posting here. (although I’ve lurked around long enough to read most of the threads.) I am currently rendering scenes for my animation finals in Blender and I am having problems as Blender continues to crash each time I try to render some of the scenes.

I’m quite a noob so please be kind to me, here are the following details:

  • my scene uses particles (grass and hair)
  • I use an animated empty for wind physics
  • I used multiple materials through nodes instead of textures and UV maps
  • my scene uses vector blur

I didn’t have any problems at all when I was rendering last week but it was only now when it just keeps on crashing after the ‘calculating next frame vectors’ stage.

The PC I am using is a 32 bit XP running on a Dual Core Processor and 2GB memory.

I hope you help me out with this one and rendering tips would also help a lot.

Are you rendering single frames or the movie as a whole?

It could be the node system. I have found that it is quite buggy in 2.49.

What version of Blender are you using? You may want to try one of the optimized builds from

Think about what you have done to the scene since last week. If you have a backup, go back to that back up and try to track down what addition/change to the scene actually causes the crash. Then don’t do that.

If you think it is actually a memory problem, try turning off things like ray tracing and shadow and see if that gets you past the crash point. If you have any large image maps, cut their size in half and try a re-render.

I am rendering in frames for each scene. do you think it will help if I do this rather than render in frames?

Frames are what you want, that way you can rule out codec crash. Yes, that can happen. And make sure you are not rendering to JPGs. If you are spending all this time to render you want a lossless image format like PNG, TGA or OpenEXR.