Rendering with a background image - What am I doing wrong?

I would like to render this with the background image and animation, exactly as reflected in the 3D view when played. However, in spite of following (I think?) the tutorials, when I F12, the falling text renders with a solid black background, and the image cannot be seen?

Could someone please give me a kick start in the right direction? Relative newbie and this is my first real project.


Check Transparent and you’re ok :slight_smile:

Btw… no images are included in your file.

Tack så mycket, Jakerlund! After days of frustration, you’ve made today a good one. Next time, I’ll do some studying
on how to pack files:yes:

Hi, File menu > External Data > Pack in to Blend or auto pack.

Cheers, mib.

Thanks, mlb. Learning curve assisted immensely today! Have a good one.

I checked the transparent under film however mine is still showing up that way.