Rendering with a Laptop

Those of you who work on notebook computers…

Do you find they’re up to the task of rendering for hours on end, like if you’re rendering frames for an animation?

I’m considering switching from a desktop to a notebook and I wanna know what I’m getting into.

I’ve used a laptop, always used a laptop. Never had any problems.
They are slower than a desktop though, unless you buy a powerful (=expensive) laptop, which will have short battery life, which kind-of-negates the point.

I also don’t tend to do animations, though I do do video stitching in blender which sometimes takes overnight to render.

You should always have your charger just in case so I don’t think a powerful laptop is pointless at all. It’s better to pay money up front than wish you had something better later. And, there are plenty of deals out there to make a powerful laptop more affordable!

Using laptops encourages you to plan ahead and to spend your computing resources wisely. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all that info, guys. Just wondering, Kinryu, what deals are you thinking of? Anything specific or just a general sort-of “keep an eye out” kind of thing?