rendering with glsl

I would like to render with glsl (videos, images), but I don’t know, how to solve some problems:

  1. Set output resolution - when I render with blender internal, I set output resolution, but with engine render (click on icon at the bottom of the 3d win) it renders image in screen size resolution.
  2. Set antialiasing - I cannot find where to set in blender antialiazing in engine rendering. Yes, I know I can set quality in graphic card control panel, but its not what I want.

I found, that glsl rendering can be very usefull when it’s needed really quick rendering and quite good result…

Thank you

I don’t think there is any way to enable anti-aliasing besides your gfx card control panel.

Sixth from the top when searching Game Engine forums with the word “antialiasing”

Would be nice to have an option to render from GLSL, as Maya does with Hardware Render, I used to use all the time in Maya, espacially for create layer at lightspeed (z-depth, alphas, etc…)