Rendering with GPUs question.

Can I use a Nvidia GPU alongside my AMD GPU to use as a rendering only card? Would I need to connect said card to my monitor or could I have it just sitting there?

Apologies if this is been asked in the wrong section.

using an Nvidia GPU alongside an AMD GPU should be possible
as long as the drivers are well installed and there are no hiccups.

*you can also if for example if you have a modern intel cpu, use the integrated HD Graphics for the monitor connection.

no monitor connection with the Nvidia GPU is possible, benefits are the following;
more ram and slightly faster rendering.

I’ve done this very thing in the past. It usually works fine. I used my ATI card to drive the monitor and Nvidia cards for CUDA / Cycles rendering. It’s a good way to go if you want to do other things on your computer while rendering.

Sweet, thanks for the replies.