Rendering with linking

This question hit me while I was rendering some parts of my work that were linked and some that were appended. Was wondering if anyone knew the answer.

If you have a project with linked objects from another file. Would the settings for render in the original file affect the render in the project that it was linked to or would the render options in the project file adjust the render settings in the original?

I don’t think it will change the file in mid render - but I’d rather not risk it :S

Render settings are dictated by current scene that is being rendered. So for example if you link one scene (scene A) as a background into another (scene B), the settings of scene B are the ones used for rendering if you render from scene B. It does not affect (permanently change) the settings of scene A in any way, it just uses scene B settings, including render device etc, thats it.

I use this kind of scene linking to prepare files for renderfarm. For example I work in scene called shot01 where I do my animation and whatnot and test the look using GPU, but I render from scene named shot01_cpu, which links shot01 as backgroud, links the camera from shot01 and links proper world. And in shot01_cpu I use CPU as render device, set proper sampling rates, tile sizes and so on. And in renderfarm I render using the -S scene parameter to specify that I want to render shot01_cpu scene.

Thanks for explaining. The question pooped up when I was setting render parameters for a file that had linked objects and didnt know the answer to that question.