Rendering with my CPU and GPU at the same time?

Does anyone have any experience with rendering a project with both their CPU and GPU at the same time? I tried it once, with a simple model I downloaded from the internet, a while ago and I was able to get completed renders with both running at the same time. However, I’m not sure if doing this will have negative effects on my computer or renders in the long run(Rendering in this way for long hours with complex scenes/etc). So does anyone know if there is something that I should look out for while attempting this? Or am I just being a silly worrywart?

I have personally used both, but I would open Blender for each GPU, and one for CPU. The CPU render I do at n less threads than my CPU has for each GPU instance, and I also set the priority for the CPU render lower, thus allowing the GPU blender(s) to run at full speed.

Oh ok, I guess I have nothing to really worry about then. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: