Rendering with RenderMan?

Hey! Back in the Blender community after a 6-year break.

I’ve been developing a CG scene for my short film, and have been researching all the different render engines. I chose RenderMan as my choice, as I’m going for photorealism.

After signing up and downloading RenderMan and pulling the plugin from GitHub, my Blender program didn’t want to play ball. I currently have version 2.82a installed but I’m told the Renderman plugin it’s outdated.

There doesn’t seem to be many videos out there talking about this.

Is there a way to get Renderman working on Blender 2.82a and 2.83?
If not, what are my options? I’m looking for an engine that can provide high quality/ photorealistic results. Would be great to receive some advice from the community.


I haven’t tested Renderman in recent Blender versions, but it looks like they stopped supporting Blender when Brian Savery left for AMD / Radeon ProRender.

For a short film, I would go with Cycles. It is flexible (light paths, AOV, Cryptomatte, etc…) and the most stable to use with Blender.


Yeah - Renderman pretty much stopped with Brian Savery leaving Pixar. But even before that the development already slowed down.

Depending on what kind of renders you do, you can consider LuxcoreRender or Octane for Blender. They are the best alternatives for now I guess.

Redshift for blender will be ready very soon too