Rendering with transparency

This is an odd question but would really help me if it works. I am making grass which is easy enough
I will make that grass into a 2d texture which i will place in my game. I need the background and more importantly in between the blades of grass to be transparent. i can do this with gimp but I have to manually put transparency in between the blades of grass. I have used the fuzzy tool that comes with gimp but it isn’t that good. Can i somehow render with transparency already there?
I am guessing no, but i thought i would ask.


If Blender can render transparency? Of course it can. But I’m a bit confused about what you exactly want.

In the render properties under Shading you can set ‘Alpha’ to Premultiplied. Perhaps that’s what you’re looking for.
You can paint transparency in blender on textures, but you can also create transparency with gray scale textures

maybe you are looking just for the render settings:

Sorry, i will try to explain better I made grass, right now it has a blue background with some transparency i added in gimp but looks BAD. I want to make it a 2D texture for my game like the image I want to get rid of the blueish background so the background and in between the blades of grass will be transparent when i put the grass texture in my game you can see what’s behind grass. rendering it with background already transparent would get rid of headaches Making transparency with gimp, painting it in manually is painstaking look at the image on some practice grass that should make it clearer what i need


The answers already given should be sufficient to render an image with a transparent background. Otherwise please attach your blend file so we can see what you have (you should already know that attaching blend files is the most helpful thing you can do)

Absolutely, but i was having trouble uploading today. but I will try later. however I tried what was suggested and it does not work for me ( i never did that before)

I just added on the blend file. Once rendered you can see the grass with a blue background I would like it rendered then once i make it to a 2D texture the background will be transparent so i won’t have to add transparency with gimp. How do i do that exactly?



grass2.blend (624 KB)

That worked. Doing grass by hand was impossible. Thanks