rendering with yafray: render scene remains black

Hey guys hoe’s it going?

Here’s the thing…
As i said in another thread of this forum, I’m modeling a drumset in which I’m loving the results, meaning not bad for someone who modeled it without references, but anyways… I rendered the scene with the internal blender render engine and the results are nice, but I wanted to have a more realistic “view” on the scene, so I tried yafray and after a few minutes of rendering the scene, everything remains black…

Does this have to do with the lights I’m using?As for lights I’m using a Spot and a Heimi…
Or does this have to do with something else?

Please let me here from you as soon as possible :wink:
And thank you so much for your pacience =)

Step 1 in troubleshooting Yafray: Have you downloaded and installed the actual Yafray engine from Yafray is not actually part of the Blender install.

Step 2: Increase the power of the lights you are using and or make sure that GI is turned on in the Yafray render panel.