hi, ive recently figured out that i need light to render. :smiley: . but when i save my file it saves as a format that none of my programs can open, (blender probebly can) but how do i convert it into a viewable jpg, bmp, or gif. so the whole world can see it…

There’s a drop-down list just to the left of the “crop” button in the “Display Buttons” window. Select the format you want (JPEG for example), and render the scene. Then, hit F3 to save the image in the chosen format. I hope that’s clear (and correct).

After rendering the image that you wish to save, go into the Display Buttons (F10) and select your desired image file format by using the Drop Down menu positioned above the Quality settings button.

After you have chosen your desired format, JPEG for example, go into the save image section (F3). Although you can now save your image as a JPEG, other programs such as photoshop won’t be able to recognise the file you save as being a JPEG. You will have to browse all data formats if you want to open the image in another program.

To solve this, simply type the format you have saved after the name of your image. Example: “MyPicture.JPG” for a JPEG or “MyPicture.PNG” for a PNG.

This will help other programs recognise the picture, making it easier for you and other programs to find. Saves you having to search through all data formats when all you want to search through are image formats.

Well I hope this is useful info for you.


The default format that Blender saves to is targa, but it doesn’t add the extension. same with most other formats. You can view the targas, or whatever other format you save to by adding the extension, such as tga for targa, jpg for jpeg, etc. If you just want to save one render, pick the format you want to save to, render, then go to file>>save image>>then add the extension to whatever file name you choose. For instance if you wanted to call your render ‘blah’, you would go to file>>save image>>save as ‘blah.jpg’, or blah.tga’, etc. Many programs will not open a blender tga even with the extension though, so if you don’t have a good graphics program like GIMP, it is best to save as jpeg, or bmp, or some other common format.

I know that I’m constantly repeating the same babbling, but what about reading the manual? -> Documentation

Look for ‘Vital Functions’

or the whole Rendering chapter