Ive done quite a bit of modeling but Ive never had any success rendering anything. I want to know how to make like a realistic marble that has a chroome look to it. Links to tutorials or detailed description on how to go about rendering something realistic like that would be greatly appreciated. Blender Files as an example would also be great :smiley:

Edit: Also any good YafRay tuorials??


Ok really short quick marble/chrome material tute type thing.

  1. Add new Material.
  2. Add new texture.
  3. Go to Texture buttons, press Marble button.
  4. Press Sharper button.
  5. Change Noise size to 0.3 approx.
  6. Go back to Material buttons.
  7. Change Material colour sliders to R=0.886, G=0.8, B=0.8. For colour of veins.
  8. Change Texture colour sliders in Map to buttons to R=0.931, G=0.927, B=0.859. For main marble colour.
  9. Turn on CSP button.
  10. Turn on Ray Mirror and set to about 0.5 or less (tweak as desired for more ‘chromey’ look.)
  11. Tweak ref and spec sliders as required.

Render with material applied to object, making sure Ray button is depressed in render buttons.

Hope this helps,


Not very good, but…

YafRay/Blender short tutorial and examples (links at the end):

YafRay Documentation:

And, of course, YafRay forums: