Just wanted to know, can consistently rendering damage the computer in any way?


well, the inside of your computer could overheat if your cooling system doesn’t work properly.

I don’t think so.
I left my computer rendering an animation for 3 days straight, and it still works fine.
[edit] True, but a properly functioning computer shouldn’t have problems.

The computer will typically run at full load. This means higher temperatures and the fan(s) running at higher speeds.

So you have higher wear. Material weaknesses could show faster than in normal use (where the computer is waiting for user input most of the time and thus idling). If a fan breaks during usage and the computer (operation system, bios) don’t have security measures (or they are ill-configured) parts of the computer, mainly the cpu, may be permanently damaged.

It is not certain; but the probability for this is higher when using the computer this way.

And energy consumption is higher.

thanks for the info guys!