rendering ?


when you take rendering you see the character of object like it is when you would animate ?
or am i wrong ? anyway when i take rendering my cat looks like this :s
this just doesnt look good :frowning:
can anyone tell me what went wrong ? or what i can do to make it look better ? i use toon shading

What kind of material setting do you have? It’s the material that is giving you that look.

i hope this is what you mean.
here is a picture of the settings

and this is the result when i render it

its diffrent than the other one but it seems i didnt save that one

Here is the setting I experimented with. For Toon Shader Specular setting need to be close to zero in all chanel, look at panel β€œB”. Other wise you get very hard highlights. You can add edge line under Output β€œA” Edge setting. The lighting I used here is Hemi, which gives subtle shading.

hey thanx :slight_smile: it worked :wink:
but one more question
the edge outlining if i want that black board smaller how do i do that ? in animes you see a small black line how do you get that effect ?

To control Edge line weight just select and adjust Edge Settings next to Edge button.

I have been looking at toon setting in 2.57 and found you can get pretty good effects. All I did here was to add Environment Lighting under World buttons. It gives nice smooth toon shadows:

well with the new version i hav a few problems
where can i texture a model again ? it changed quit a bit
or is there a tutorial where they show everyting (or the most important things ? )
right now i want to try it out but i cant find the good settings