Renderlayers broken?

In the past, when i used Renderlayers in 2.8, i selected objects in the outliner and set them to exclude with a rightclick. Now this don´t work anymore. There is no option to exclude objects on layers. Is that a bug, or works this now different?

You can’t exclude individual objects, only entire layers. To exclude objects, use an Object ID node (this will make them transparent).

Also, maybe use the camera icon to make it not render. Also also, try masking. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do but it’s easy any way.

Ah, ok, i didn´t know that. In the past versions you could select single objects and could exclude it from the renderlayer. Now, i create then collections for each exclude group. Thanks for the answer

Also, if you want to exclude an object, but keep its influence (reflections, shadows, etc.), or the opposite (include the object but not have it’s typical influences), you can go to the cycles settings in the object tab of your selected object (only available for cycles render) and turn on and off various visibility settings.