RenderLayers & Material Render Pipeline

(TwinSnakes) #1

In this scene I have 3 cubes, each with its only material, a red cube, green cube, and blue cube. CubeA has wire enabled in the render pipeline for its material.

I then setup (2) renderlayers. 1 that uses the wire material for all objects, and then another renderlayer that doesnt.

But that’s not the result I get. Only CubeA is wireframe, the other cube’s are the same color as CubeA but they are not wireframe. It’s like the renderlayer does not override the material render pipeline settings, which is what I expected it to do.


(RamboBaby) #2

Wire is defined on a per material basis and cannot be defined per render layer with the Mat: field. In order to accomplish your goal you’ll need to either A.) duplicate your cubes, make their materials single user and turn off the wire option for those materials, put the cubes and wires on separate render layers, then alpha the wires over the cubes or, B.) duplicate the scene (Full Copy) and again disable the wire option for the materials, then import scene 2 into the compositor via the little set of arrows on the bottom left corner of the render layer, then alpha scene 1 over scene 2.

I was disappointed when I found that out myself but it’s really not too dificult to work around. There are several other instances where the material override does not work but I can’t think of them at the moment. All of them requore the same type of work around.