Renderlight renderer questions...

hey guys,
I’m really into this renderlight thing and i didn’t really have a chance to test it.
Well i don’t really know how to use this thing, but i tried anyways. Heres what i came up with, mind that i rendered with the default settings except i changed the option to physical sky.

As you noticed, the sides are pitch black. I am really liking the left side, but my texture and color isn’t showing up. The right half is completely horrible.
I am actually impressed by it, i just haven’t learnt how to use it to max.
Any advice or help would be appreciated.

Ever consider ambient occlusion? it lights up every thing from different angles.
Just go into shading (f 5) and click the world buttons (the globe). there should be a tab called Amb Occ. go there and turn it on. Samples increases quality but slows down render time.

are the normals facing the right way?

but, i don’t know much about renderlight. the shading looks fine on the cylinders, but is wonky on the platforms…

i’ll have to download renderlight and see if theirs some setting that you can change to fix it.