Renderman (blender addon) VS Blender Cycles

Renderman (blender addon) VS Blender Cycles

My lego minifig, matching material colours, textures and lighting setup.

Blender 2.75

CPU Render
Renderman : samples 147 : Time 28 min (using only 3 threads)
Cycles : samples 600 : Time 1 hour 28 min approx (using 4 threads)

GPU Render
Renderman : NA
Cycles : samples 600 : Time 9 min

It would seem Renderman is alot faster (non GPU), I expect this is more apparent with bigger scenes!
Looking forward to better blender integration in future.

Renderman looks noisier but sharper, probably too large AA filter radius on Cycles.
What about render times?

PRMan, All default setting
Cycles, + AO Pass

Using only the preset diffuse and emission shader…
I would say, I’d like the PRMan one… :slight_smile:

Ps. I wait till everything is done…

Updated render more smaples to clear noise, times added.