Renderman - clear Plastic


I have an object, where i want to have specific parts that looks like a transparant plastic.

So i use the primitive variables to adjust the part that i want to be transparant, and the others that i don’t want to.

I’m using a PxrLMPlastic. But after i tweak all the setting, the material stays like a non transparant plastic.

The presence parameter is the only one to make something, but it acts like an alpha channel. When it sets to 0, the material is not visible anymore.

Any tips on how to achieve a transparant plastic in Renderman?

Thanks a lot!

You’re using? Show, share… give a thing to evolve from - smthng to continue working on. :scream:

Sorry for the late answer, i had a lot of work.

So, this is my material

and this is my render

it looks really bad lol

i want to have a material similar to this

Much of the look of a material, especially transparent ones comes from the geometry of the object.

Its very difficult to judge what your material will look like when you are testing it on such a different object (a solid sphere vs a hollow box).

I’d suggest modelling something closer to your reference image and trying your material on that.


I use a trick to get what i wanted. I use the plastic material and i adjust the preference so the material can have less opacity.