Renderman compliant renderers and blender compability

Are there any popular opensource renderman coompliant renderers ?
If yes do they have good compability with blender?

What is more is the official renderman compatible with blender

And finally does it worth the effort working with those tools??

There are two main RenderMan compliant renderers that are open source.

There is a very well engineered script for Blender called MOSAIC that provides a pipeline between Blender and RenderMan compatible renderers, including PRman.

It entirely depends on what you are doing. For production work, you can’t get any better than RenderMan. However, there is a cost, the renderer doesn’t do everything for you, like for instance a non-biased light simulation engine, like Luxrender. You will have to learn a lot about how the renderer works, and be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into getting the most out of it. On the other hand, it is precisely this power and flexibility that has made RenderMan the professionals choice for 20 years.

Paul Gregory

Third free (as in beer, not as in speech) option which you have at your disposal is 3delight. You can find it at . The first license is free.

Renderman renderers are very powerful, but you really need to sit down and work out how they work as they seem to be completely different from good old Blender.

There are some great stuff you can do, but you have to think completely differently to how you set up textures and materials than in Blender.

To be honest, with some of the improvements that have occured recently with BBB, Blender is now a viable and fast alternative for most small productions.

Well i am a bit confused right now …
Is there an official renderman application which is actually a renderer mantained by pixar
or is it more something like guideline or specification on how a renderer should be programmed in order for it to be called renderman compliant ???

Sorry for being such a noob but i have never searched this topic before…

yes, renderman by pixar. :wink:

The Render-man solution for blender is not an easy one. But its worth looking into if you want to give it a try – never can hurt. As long as you have the time. You can do some amazing things with it though.

PS: Don’t plan on buying PR Render-man unless your willing to fork over a lot of cash. Its actually cheaper to buy Maya AND Pixar PR Renderman plugin (that works out of box) than paying for PR-Renderman that can accept RIB files the blender plugin would generate.

Yes there is…Its called the PRMan(PhotoRealistic Renderman) as stated by Kai…
Renderman is actually a rendering API which defines how 3d modelling applications communicate with rendering software… U can gain more info here…

Recently I was lookin for a free IDE for writing .RIB files…I came across Cutter
but the .jar file doesn’t open…says invalid or corrupt file…any idea??? Can sumone suggest some free IDEs…