RenderMan export progress.

Hi Everyone,

For those who don’t know, the Aqsis RenderMan exporter was merged into the Blender Tuhopuu tree a week ago.

I’ve “cross-posted” about the progress that’s been made on the exporter to both the Blender and Aqsis forums:

The exporter is now ready for us to start debugging problems with geometry export (since it now supports motion blur and meshes with multiple materials). Simulation of Blender’s shaders is still a wip though.

Jonathan Merritt.

Oh man sooo sweet, Now to just get a build ^_-

Wow, sad to see that only about 10% of the readers so far bother to provide an answer for what is, to me, a great piece of work and pretty important for Blender itself.
Lancelet, I sure hope you stick it out till the end… I’ve seen enough failed Renderman integration/exporting efforts fail so far… Your work has obviously come further than any of the other attempts.
Just like Sutabi, I’m eagerly awaiting a Tuhopuu2 binary to try it out.
Many thanks again for the work you do.

echoing other sentiments, i really want to see this become a reality. i have been lurking on the boards at arqsis, trying to get up to speed. i like your emphasis and approach. keep up the good work, and i look forward to the eventual blender integration!

jim ww

If I’m not mistaken, I remember reading before that one needs to use a recent (i.e. CVS) build of aqsis for this to work properly? I don’t have time to try and figure out how to compile it on my own - if some recent builds of aqsis could be made available to install it would make things much easier to have a go with.