Renderman integration status ?

Hi All,

Does anybody have an idea what the status is of the renderman integration ?
Ton mentioned it to be on the agenda for 2.50 at the blender conference.

And, more importantly, would you wet yourself with anticipation if it was being coded ?
I for one kinda would, I got the hots for Pixie, but it’s too much of a hassle right now.
Right now, Nexus is too buggy and too slow, I’m not sure if it supports animations too…

I guess it should be so tightly integrated Respower could implement it.


dont know how far it is, sorry

so would i… :smiley: though ive got the hots for Aqsis :stuck_out_tongue: but pixie looks sexy too :wink:

Mmmmm…PRman drools

i stoped hoping for it.
it seems to be more dead.

but isnt the next version geared towards better integration of external engines.
dont they try to provide an api which streamlines exporter integratons?

there is one guy who is doing a mentalray integration and it looks quite great.
and there is the kerkythea project.

so I am curious about that

There is a Google Summer of Code project taking place right now. It is refactoring the internal rendering pipeline to allow for plugging in external renderers including Renderman compatible ones and more.
Here is the link to the projects wiki page.

oh ho, lets cross the fingers that this baby will work.

it would be quite nice whenthe foundation is done and
exporter coders could jump in and connect Blender to
other renderers.