RenderMan 'Movie' Project ( Blender-heads welcome ) !!!

As you may ( or may not ) know, work is being done on integrating a RenderMan-compliant renderer ( AQSIS ) into Blender - To sit along-side YafRay.

But here’s that catch…

The integration is still quite early and not yet up-to Yaf’s standard, but this is where you can help !!! :slight_smile:

AQSIS are planning a movie project, highlighting the benefits of their renderer and exposing as many of it’s RenderMan features as possible.

Problem is, most of the AQSIS community are techies, and they need a little artistic help !!! :wink:

For those that are interested, more information can be found at

A pre-compiled Win32 binary of the current Blender / AQSIS integration can be found at

I know the timing’s not ideal ( with people preparing for the Blender conferences ), but any help you can provide will be of great benefit to both Blender and AQSIS !!! :slight_smile:

Blend on, blend well…

Nobody interested in such a thing ??? :-?

Make a conclusion :wink:

What you’re asking for sounds like a long term commitment. I wouldn’t want to get on board only to have to back out later; I have my own blender projects going on as well as work.

Maybe you could ask people to render animations and models they already have and compose a demo reel? I’m hoping to have something for the 10secondclub this month, and I would gladly render it with Asqis.

I would need an OS X binary to give it a try.

That’s fair enough and thanks for your reply(s), but there are some short-term ( non-comittal ) things that could be done too, like storyboarding / brain-storming.

Even if there’s only a little ( passing ) interest out there, there’s no harm in taking a quick look at the above URL’s… you never know, there may be something you would like to get involved in - Wether short-term / long-term. :wink:

The idea of re-rendering pre-existing stuff did cross my mind, but again… post this type of feedback over at the AQSIS forum and see what people think.

P. Gregory ( the dev lead ) has a Mac, so he may be able to do a build for you. :slight_smile:


Regardless of your interest, good luck with your current projects !!! :slight_smile:

Blend on, blend well…

i use renderman for my own work as well (3delight)
but i am on os x so i need a working version and sofar
i only had problems to get aqsis running with blender!

otherwise i am happy to help!


I tried aqsis with ayam. I didn’t like the ayam interface much, and it’s control over the aqsis shaders was… er… crap. No explanation of parameters. and there weren’t very many aqsis shaders anyway. well, nothing that interesting. mostly plastic and metal shaders that all looked kinda the same. maybe i was missing something?

…also, I don’t like working in windows. I know both these programs are available for linux, how much work would be involved in a Linux blender/aqsis combo?

Hi Cekuhnen,

Paul runs OSX, and a new build is currently in progress specifically for Mac ( 0.9.3, I think ).

If you drop him a line, he may provide an early build or something !!! :slight_smile:

On a side note…

Hopefully we’ll meet-up at the Blender Conference ( Amsterdam ), as I’d love to see / hear about your RenderMan work !!! :slight_smile:


I’ve never used Ayam, but the Blender work will ultimately be as tight / fine-tuned as the current YafRay integration - Including the relatively new ‘Colour Ramps’ system !!! :slight_smile:

I mainly run Linux ( Fedora Core 2 ), and the AQSIS ‘FC1’ RPM seems to work just fine - Nice an easy, with none of that ‘Compiling’ malarkey !!! :wink:

However, you’ll need to get / build a copy of Blender’s latest Tuhopuu tree for the AQSIS interface / options within Blender… maybe this URL will help you out - ???

I’m sure a Linux AQSIS / Blender package will be looked into at some point, once its Windows counter-part has been ratified / proven-out. :slight_smile:


Paul has moved the ‘Movie’ project to its own URL ( see below ), so please post your comments / feedback there - Thanks !!!

Blend on, blend well…