Hi guys, this is my first stab at this, please be gentle.

I have seen that Renderman can be integrated into Blender. I have it and the Github Renderman PR addon. I’m learning Blender 2.83. When I try to apply the Renderman addon in the usual way I get a notice saying I need to install Blender 2.8X.

Renderman does not activate or appear as a rendering option under ‘Render’.

Any useful suggestion would be gratefully received.

Cheers all, Merv

Have you tried if it works with Blender 2.80, 2.81 or 2.82?
If it does you at least know that it isn’t an issue with the addon in general.

I wasn’t aware of a working Blender 2.8x addon for PRMan 23.3? Care to link to the source?

Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

Looking again last night I notice that Pixar Renderman current version is 23.3, but the Blender addon only goes up to 21.5. Perhaps this is the reason. I looked around for a 21.5 version of Pixar Renderman but couldn’t’ find one, it seems they don’t have a legacy version on their site. Shazbat.!

Yup, that’s why I asked.
I’m still using NC PRMan 21.7 w/ Blender 2.79b on occasions and diving in Houdini w/ 23.3… while hoping for new API to go public.

Note also that, if you by any chance stumble on 21.x installer it won’t do you any good since Pixar stopped issuing old Non-Commercial licenses and only way to get it is to pay for it - you’ll then have access to all installers and working Commercial license.

The main add-on developer has left Pixar and now work at AMD with the integration of ProRender in Blender. And Pixar has removed the support for Blender from their pages in the web.