Rendermen ?

I would like to know, what rendermen is being consider of replacing the one that is in Blender ?

Over at theres an ongoing discussion of this - give that a try.


I already try there, damn if it gives any info.

did you used the search tools? %|

the renderman export will probably not be restricted to one and only one renderer…


I wasn’t refering tour export, my concern are the ones that will be written in.

I was talking about the built-in export, blend -> RIB, with a nice choice box where you can choose which renderer your want to export to (use).



As far as i could gather from the forum - a guy named Green is starting a project to use 3Delight as an internal renderman render, on the screenshot he posted there will be a button below the “render” button called renderman. Of course this will not be restricted to 3Delight only but other renderman compilants also.He’s using this as a starting point. Read that thread - its quite interesting. :slight_smile:

I already did, but I think they are refering to externial renderman, I have a better one in mind that can be coded in and give good result as well, that way the externial one can be optional

I’m not sure you understood correctly…

unless you code your own renderman compliant renderer and code it directly in Blender, not calling a library (DLL or akin) than is is EXTERNAL.