Rendering in the background, during the night, triggerd by timer, organized by joblists, by drag ‘n’ drop, no twiddle with batches …
So, that was just what I needed. And because there was no such a program - i made one.

Perhaps it is of interest to others:

CC BY-SA, for free

Program :


Oh man, are you kidding me?! This is exactly what I’ve been wanting!! Thank you so much!!!

This is awesome. Thank you!

Any other way to get this? I don’t really want to join dropbox just to get 1 piece of software.

This looks awesome, thank you!

In case someone else stumbles across this: There is no need to join Dropbox to download. Just click “Download” (ignore that it seems to be greyed out) and in the following pop-up select “No thanks. Continue to download ->”

(In my screenshot the text is in German, but you get the gist…)

Thank you for your contribution to the community. I hope to check it out later.
When you say, background, I have a multiple core station, so could I launch this for rendering “in the back-ground” while I continue to work??

Exactly. Tests have shown that RenderPilot works fine in the background and lets you use other programs (e.g. Blender) while it’s working.

(Sorry for the delay of the answer.)

Hey wigglyframes, I sent you some emails, you still around?

Sure wish this also was for linux… :slight_smile: (hint hint) :smiley:

Hi wigglyframes,
First fo all, thanks for this incredible bacth tool. I’m waiting for the update, when do you think you will have?

I just found this tool today.
If it could load a .py file for the whole queue and 1 for each job (for overriding settings where needed) it would be perfect. I would stop making complex and more complex batches in windows! :slight_smile:

edit: also EXR output would be nice to have

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using this tool for 2 years till now, I knew about it from Sean Kennedy’s Open VFX blog, I’ve came across this thread after googling for a new version :slight_smile:

I just started using this tool and it is really great! Thank you!


does anyone know if version 2.0 got ever released?

I know it’s old, but I want to donate.