Renderplanet client crashes

Hello, I’m trying to upload a file to test the service (at Renderplanet) but when i’m uploading the file using the client software it crashes in mid uploading.

I would like to know if you are having same problem or what i’m doing wrong? or should i try other services, any services (online rendering) that are friendly to use?

Thanks for the help

respower is really easy to use, im currently using one of the blender subscriptionts, and ive had no problems (touch wood). there have been some problems with animations, being that the camera positions jumped around from frame to frame but after renaming the camera it works fine. ill post a link to some videos i made using respower if you want?

edit:: decided to post a video. this vid took about 20 minutes for 160 frames, plus 30 minutes for a HD (1920x1080) render with AO 11+, AA 11…etc etc. not bad for $20…and theres more :smiley:

Thanks for your help cool work and really nice car modeling, I will try respower and see if i can’t make it run.

congrats on your work, i will let know my results of using respower