renders are messed up

At first they suddenly were slightly transparent, I’d import an animation or still frame into after effects/ps and they’d be just slightly see through. So I’d a few different presets and now, the ntsc, pal, full etc. and now they’re rendering sort of like a interlaced video frame with lines through the entire thing and they’re still slightly transparent.

The material/object is not transparent and when I render without alpha it just renders normally.

If you really think you know what’s going on but need some more I’ll PM you some render examples.

It sounds like you’ve unintentionally turned on the Fields button in the Render panels. It’s for rendering interlaced video.

ok right feilds was selected. thanks. Looked like interlaced feilds cuz it was!

but now the entire thing is still slightly transparent when I open a still photoshop. something to do with the alpha channel? It used to render with a full solid alpha around the object.

ok its not transparent anymore after more meddling but I don’t know why