renders look dull in photoshop

Got an issue/problem with my renders.
In the blender view window the colours look bright and saturated, I save as a png ( 100% ), then open in photoshop, and the colours are always duller and muted.

Why is this and is there a solution?
I’m on Mac using osX.

Had this issue for a while but I general just tweak saturation and contrast in photoshop, but would be great to find a way to ensure my renders look the same across the applications I use.

Do you have proof colors turned on, in the view menu?

“Do you have proof colors turned on, in the view menu?”

never heard of that setting, what does it do?
Also i cant see it anywhere…

In photoshop.


I had a play with the proof settings and see what happening.

When I open files made in blender in photoshop they open as CMYK rather than RGB, when I change proof settings to RGB they look the same as in Blender.

If i’m printing images though, should I be converting to CMYK?
Is there a way to keep the colour vibrancy and still have a CMYK file?

It depends how you are printing them. If you are just printing to a desktop printer, leave it as RGB because it will handle the conversion for you. If you are sending them to a professional printer, then ask them how they want the file. Some want CMYK, others want to do the conversion themselves. You are always going to lose vibrancy when converting to CMYK because the color space is much smaller than RGB. So always leave that as the very last step, and only convert if your printer requires it.

thanks for the advice roofoo, really helpful.

No problem. PS I love your artwork!