Renders the scene all grainy .. help pls

Hi, I have a scene with water splashing between walls. When I hit the render button ( or render preview ) , I only get a complete grainy image with a slight colour hint matching over all the colour of the scene. It wasnt like that, I used to render seamlessly, I cant figure out what went wrong, please help me.
first image below shows material view, second image shows render preview which is same for rendered image.

I’d check if Outliner has equally grayed out eye and camera icons first.

Is it possible that your camera is actually on the other side of the wall?

Also make sure you didn’t move any of your light sources to another layer by accident or something, as otherwise you won’t see anything.

thanks for your answers, I have found out that it was the default value of distance, when I changed the f stop for camera. :slight_smile: