Renders to video?

How do I go about turning my animations to videos? I’d like to start getting some of them on the forums here. Thanks in advance.

Grei :Z

if everything is rigged and all the key frames are setup you can begin the animation phase by going to the f10 buttons window, in it you will see a tab for anim, you can setup how many frames you want.

then go to the “format” tab and setup you frame rate you want to produce, and the format you want it saved as for example .avi raw, quicktime, avi codec and jpeg.

after its done find a host to put it on.

hope this give you an idea

I would recommend rendering your animations to a set of individual frames in a PNG or TGA format, then use either an outside app like VirtualDub or Blender’s own sequencer to compile the frames to a video file. (Not sure if VirtualDub works on Targa (TGA) files… does great with PNGs.)

Simply select PNG as your output format and render the animation. Blender will assign numbers to the output file names automatically, which VirtualDub will automatically recognize as a sequence. I would also recommend changing the default output folder to a folder of your choosing. You may also indicate a file prefix in that same text field by typing it to the left of the final backslash (in Windows… forwardslash in *nix (?) ) like:


where the “anim1-” would be the prefix of all your output frames, and would come out as:


Then, in VirtualDub, simply select the first frame file, choose a compressor codec, an audio source if desired, and any filters you’d like to use and then choose the “File -> Save as AVI…” option.

This method gives you more control of the final video file, provides the option to post-edit your frames, and allows some protection from system failure (you don’t necessarily lose frames already rendered due to, for example, a power outage.) I also like that I can render an animation sporadically (such as a few frames overnight) when render times are high.

Thanks for the help yall, your great. :smiley:

Or you can try to render as a series of .JPG still image format, which is fairly a more common format than .PNG or .TGA are.



the reason for png instead of jpg is png is lossless and hence will allow better compression and fewer artifacts when it is compressed with the video encoder.