renders with audio and composoting in another programme

Hi I am trying to render my animation that i have started and put it into a video editing software.

I have a couple of problems that seem to have appeared. Firstly i have tried to break down the thirty seconds or so that i have completed into seperate scenes because the whole animation will eventually be about 10 minutes long so i can see if it joins together properly. But even though the sequences work in blender, when i put them in my editing software they jump as though a couple of frames are missing. mmmmm

Secondly i have audio with the animation and am having problems sincying the audio files back up with the animation.
I have tried using Magix movie pro and Adobe Premier but the same problems still persist in both packages.

Is there a favourite that you magician blender artists use to complete my animation.

I really want to get this copmpleted asap before my grandson gets to an age the educational animation i started nearly a year ago especially for him is out of date.

Many thanks in advance

Obviously the file is too big to post here and to be perfectly honest isnt up to the standard of you guys and im a little embarrassed of my attempt. But hopefully the more i learn the better my future attempt should be.

More details are required for an effective answer, however… what render settings are you using to output your animated scenes?

There shouldn’t be any missing or duplicated frames. Check that the frame rate of your render matches the frame rate of the editing project in your favourite NLE.

Try posting screen grabs of your settings and maybe a description of the workflow.