rendertime confusion

Noticed this while rendering out scenes for my breaking in animation. In the middle of the scene there is this “altar” looking platform. I have a lower poly version (5,000 verts) and a bevelled one (20,000).

I was doing test renders with the lower poly one and was getting rendertimes of about 26-35 secs per frame (without motion blur, final is rendered with mblur) and thinking that rendering would take a while.

anyways, i swap in the higher poly version and bam, rendertime drops to 11 seconds (also sans motion blur). I’m not complaining (I’m rendering thousands of frames so this makes me very happy) but I’m a little confused by this. Nothing else in the scene changed, same layers, same lights, materials etc. I even swapped the low poly one back in and rendertime shot up again.

any thoughts on why this would happen?

By the way, its almost done rendering to anyone interested. I know I just keep getting slower and slower with the project so sorry about that. All major scenes including the fight scene are rendered.

are you using raytracing?

I think it could perhaps be due to the octree resolution and your low poly model not fitting well into the octree [causing may rays to test with it]

I don’t have an answer for your rendering times, but I would love to see the animation :slight_smile: