RenderTone - Audio notifications and quick rendering settings

RenderTone is a Blender addon that simplifies the rendering process by providing quick access to commonly used settings. No more menu-diving with RenderTone’s streamlined panel, you can adjust settings from a single location.

RenderTone also includes a sound notification feature that alerts you when your rendering is complete. This can be especially useful if you’re working on other tasks while your render is running, or if you’re away from your screen. A default audio cue is included.


Additionally, RenderTone offers a convenient toggleable panel for “Render Engine, Feature Set, Device” options. This way, these settings can be toggled on and off and placed below in the panel list, giving you more space at the top.


Available on Blender Market

Choosing a custom sound file feature is added.
A new row is added for animation settings.

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