renderwindow zoom/pan

I just accidentially stumbled across a feature (?) in the renderwindow. (blender-2.43 own build from 2007/01/11). You can zoom with the wheel and pan the view just by moving the mouse. If you move out of the window, the rendered image is reset in size and position…
How long does this exist already? I have never found any hints that this is possible :smiley:

its new. and you can always left click and drag, and it will show you the RGBA values at the bottom. coolness, eh?

Not only RGBA but also Z :slight_smile:

I say it’s a working principle that makes blender’s developement so absolutely incredible: the developers know what the artists would find nice and useful
a big thanks to the developers

Some of that was in 2.42 too. Also hit ‘a’ to see the alpha channel. For movies (play mode) you can click and drag to go forward/back in the frames. I think left and right arrows work for that too. There is other stuff I’m forgetting… Just tons of features unobtrusively snuck in just where you need them :wink: