Rendezvous point!

:cool: This is the table of a spy with the evidence of place to visit. Did you find the exact spot where to go? :cool: And do not forget to criticize (what I did). :wink:

Thank you for the constructive comments.

Ok your modelings fine but its way to dark, also it migth be nicer if you soften up the lamp a bit.

The scene was dark with the intention of creating a “secret” climate.
When you said “soften up the lamp a bit”, what you mean? You mean the shadows of the light bulb?
I would appreciate that you were more specific.
Andy16 thanks for the comment.

One way to create a sense of “darkness” is with a color cast. Another way is by reducing the saturation of the image. But you do need to make sure that the absolute color-values and intensity are within the range that the output medium (video) can comfortably handle. I suggest taking it back up to a “normal, well-balanced exposure,” then experiment with nodes to adjust the image, even after rendering (to a MultiLayer file). Perhaps google “night in day” for Hollywood tricks that worked well.

I’ll take your advice and try to improve the lighting. :wink:
Sundialsvc4 thanks for the comment.

I do not know if it got better. What do you think I did wrong?

the cross…its burning my eyes…jk jk
maybe you could put a red dot on it to specify where they are supposed to meet…otherwise, it just looks like some religous explorer map

AHAHAHAHAHA … BURN …:slight_smile:

Thank you for your comment Evil Moon MOose.
In my opinion the red dot will not change anything (just give the exact location). Anyway the place is religious. :slight_smile:

post deleted

I guess now I did the right thing. I really like this image. :slight_smile:

And we have a winner. :slight_smile: Thanks Yesmydear.
The most accurate is beside the Cross of Christ (Portuguese symbol) in Hill of Crosses.

For those who want to confirm here and here are the images of Cross of Crist. It is worth being in Portuguese. It contains a little history of the Cross of Christ. :wink: