Rene - my first full rig character under blender

Here is a character I’m working on… First one that I’m doing from scratch in Blender. For now The hair and eyebrows are just temporary, I need to add some texture and right now I’m still working on rigging the face. For now there are no control for the eyes and eyebrows.

C&C are welcome!


I’m also going to write my wish list here for blender - Rigging/Animation (if you know that what I’m asking is possible, please post and tell me how! ;))


  • A scale input for the shape bones, so that we can use the same shape with different size without have to change the size of the bone itself.
  • A scale for the IK chain, so that we can actually change the size of the arm while animating.


  • A Transform orientation specific for animation ie Gimbal/Parent Gimbal for all rotation, and Parent for location, the way it works in the graph editor. This way, we could animate without have to switch the transform orientation when we have to go from rotation to location.

I’m sure I will come up with more idea as I progress on this character.

nice job. very clean and slick looking.

Thanks Modron, very glad you like it!

here are some update with some more shape key for the eyebrows. It still need a lot of work, but it’s at least on it’s way.

looking forward what you think.

I just started my wish list in the first post of this tread.

Bookmarked! Nice work here.