ReNim - Node-Based Retarget Animation

Just wanted to check back in and see if perhaps I’m setting something up wrong?

apologies for late response, I had a lot works lately.

the problem is rigify spine fk structure is something like this (green arrow):

you only need retarget torso, spine_3, and spine_4 (red arrow).
you can retarget 2 bones to 1 bone and tweak the influences (a little-bit buggy about rotation).

I see. Hmm I just tried based on your recommendation but it’s still acting funny. I’m sure I’m setting something up wrong. Did you by chance take a peek at the Blend file? Maybe you’ll see right where the issue is.

I guess I’m just a little confused now about the mapping – I’ve just been going from your original video demo.

Hey just wanted to check back in and bump this thread again.

I’d love to get this working, as it seems like the best solution for my needs, but I can’t seem to get a usable result.

I gave it one more go with a different rig and while setting it up I discovered the FK spine bone you were talking about. Apologies I didn’t understand your diagram. Once unmapped that Spine bone everything fell properly into place.


Ok just hit a snag however. I closed my scene and re-opened it the next day and now the nodes are gone and the rig is gone.

Is it because the NodeTree wasn’t set to Protected? And if that is the case, PLEASE have it set that way by default. Pretty disappointing being up all night last night getting a scene set up and rendered only to discover I can’t open it today.


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