Renovating Old Head Mesh ( now in finished projects )

I made this awhile back. Never made it past the ears. Anyway he has a good look to him I think, so I decided to clean him up. Took me a whole day to make that dang ear, and another half to put it on straight, but I think it is one of my better ones. Anyway, I’ll give him some hair now, and UV map him. If anyone notices any glaring errors please feel free to call them to my attention. The pic on the top is the old mesh, the ones on the bottom the re-faced one. ( hopefully that’s obvious )
<edit> this is a before and after type pic. i removed the image tag because it seemed to be loading slowly. the textured one is below.

There’s a tri on his cheek that should be easy to get rid of and where the ears attach to the head looks funny in the render. nice lighting though.

I like the style you used for the head.

Nice modelling and realistic texturing. WOW !

thanks for the compliment. i wish that was texturing, but it’s just radiosity with a high hemires and some colored emmitors.

I got him all UV mapped. probably I will work on the texture a bit more later, but next is to give him a nice polygon wig and some teeth.

Very nice work!!

but imo the nose tip is a little bit too angular and maybe the fold above the eye is a litle bit to deep.

or he is just a very ruged dude


Keep up the good work

Oooh, nice texturing. The bump mapping around the eyebrows and the chin are quite nice. Care to share your UV layout (I’m having trouble laying out the area around the eyes and lips)?

Duuuuude, that render rocks! Id swear it was made in Max

thanks guys, i just used lscm to unwrap. the whole face is one UV island. the mouth and nostrils are quite shallow, or it might not have worked as well.

added some hair. it’s kind of sparse, but i think i like it that way. i might paint some fuzz in at some point. these are alpha mapped mesh strips, similar to nates cg girl.

Great improvement, Modron. And excellent UV-mapping. :slight_smile: The hair looks great also.

can you make a pdf tutorial on this