Renting Movies the 21st Century Way

My local video place just closed down, no doubt killed by a combination of bad economy, Netflix, and piracy. Now I am left in a quandary: how will I be able to see a movie I’ve wanted to see if there’s no way to rent it? My library doesn’t have that many movies, so it’s not a great option. I don’t really watch enough to justify the cost of Netflix. Is there some rental service (in the US) that allows you to rent, say, one movie, keep it for a few days, and then send it back, without expecting you to rent another one soon? Is my best bet just to buy cheap used discs off of Amazon?

Well, this when people have Money but can’t find … and isoHunt or BitTorrent etc come in!!!.. :RocknRoll:
rent it you say… all I can say is, say bey bey to the Good old days of video renting!

Dude it is Globalization! :smiley:

Depending on if you have/what type of cable/satellite plan you have, you might be able to get whatever you’re looking for via pay-per-view.

Outside of that, I’ve never heard of any 1-time services. Blockbuster has cheap monthly plans (I saw as low as ~$4), but that’s still paying for services you might not use, though over a year, its only about $50. Depending on how cheaply you’re able to get them on Amazon, that might be worth a look…

Competition is tough too these days. Some video stores lost their prime source of income via late fees and such when they abolished this, or even reduced it and others followed suit in this no-win situation. Come-on - there are many bad folks who figured on not even returning their videos…and then got caught in a web involving bad debt agencies.

Any reason you don’t want to try getting a video out of the new vending-machine style red-box devices that McDonald’s is putting outside of their resteraunts?

McD’s is a global corporation, and hence we must at every oppportunity thwart the global empire. In this case, by not using the McD’s movie vending service.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they even came out with a rent-a-burger vending machine where folks rent-a-burger but don’t actually get to eat it or something, and return it after a certain period, or face late fees.

I know a number of people who use the Red Box and like it, and I think it’s fairly cheap, like a buck or so.

Here’s the url, check it out:

Disclaimer - I have not myself used this service.

Only that this is a small town and we don’t have any large chains. I just looked at the Redbox website, and their nearest machines aren’t even close. Thanks for the suggestion though.

Also we don’t have high-speed internet or cable TV.

I guess I should have specified that this is a pretty secluded town in some respects.

And yet even in places like these are classic commodities disappearing… :no: